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Feminism & Psychology

Review by Kareen Malone of the Après Coup Psychoanalytic Association

"Haaken attends to how histories of gender, colonization and race display the myriad ways that suffering, especially of the variety that PTSD touches upon, is diminished within psychiatry as a plausible psychosocial issue affecting the experiences of individuals and groups whilst inflecting the historical moment, at any given time."

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Against the Current

Exploring PTSD Politics

Norm Diamond on Jan's book, Psychiatry, Politics and PTSD: Breaking Down.

"Her new book explores the introduction of PTSD the concept, the political movement that gave rise to it, its potential as political critique and its subsequent taming."

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Awry: Journal of Critical Psychology

Book Review by Emaline Friedman

"Another goal of the book is to interrogate psychiatry, holding up a mirror to it by diagnosing PTSD itself as a symptom of crisis in psychiatry."

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Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society

Book Review by Marshall Alcorn

"'Trauma’ may perhaps be the most socially impactful concept of the 20th century, casting its influence increasingly into the 21st century. Refreshingly, Haaken does not situate her analysis with reference to the usual embittered debates that now surround the diagnostic concept and category of trauma."

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