Mad in America: Trauma and Mental Health in Social Movements

In this interview with Emaline Friedman, Jan discusses her background in anti-psychiatry and other social movements and her experience liaising between theory and praxis in feminist movements, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and #MeToo. 

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Not Your Final Girl : Shrinking 2020

Jan joins hosts Candace Sluder and Ariel Dyer to discuss discussing "the horrors of the body, the bonds that form family, and stuff that looks like buttholes in Sea Fever and Relic — both 2020 movies with female directors."

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You can listen here or read a transcript here



Psychedelic-Enhanced Therapy

Denise Morris talks with Jan Haaken, who recently published a book on politics and PTSD, and they take up a little-known history of Timothy Leary’s use of psilocybin in prison settings.

Left and Law, Child Sex Trafficking Conspiracies

In recent years, far right platforms such as QAnan have garnered followers by promoting child sex trafficking conspiracies and advancing their rightwing agenda under the banner of rescuing children from perverse evil-doers.Jan Haaken and Mike Snedeker talk about how these conspiracy theories take hold, and how the current forms are both similar to and different from the wave of Satanic ritual abuse claims of the 1980s and 1990s

Climate Resistance: Art, Action and Allyship

Denise Morris interviews Old Mole Jan Haaken, director of Necessity Pt I: Oil, Water and Climate Resistance, about Oregon-based artists, activists and an attorney who bring their wisdom and knowledge to the Necessity film project-- a two-part documentary that features indigenous leadership in responding to the climate crisis and shows how activists are creatively using legal tactics, including the necessity defense, in the fight to save the planet.

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